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This is a fan wiki for the roleplaying campaigns set in a fantasy world called Hieron, covering the first and third seasons of the podcast Friends At The Table.

Friends at the Table is an actual-play podcast about critical world-building, smart characterization, and fun interaction between good friends. The podcast is presented by and

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This wiki will/does have spoilers. It's the nature of an interconnected story.

Hieron, in the first season, is a post-post apocalyptic world which plays Dragon World, a hack of Adventure World. The third season takes place pre-apocalypse (which is called the erasure), and has used the Quiet Year and Blades in the Dark.

The friends are Ali Acampora (Hella Varal, Castille), Kieth Carberry (Fero Ferritas), Andi Clare (Aubrey), Jack de Quidt (Lem King, Hitchcock), Nick Scratch (The Great Fantasmo), Andrew Lee Swan (Thorondir, Siege), Art Tebbel (Hadrian), and Austin Walker (GM).

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